Hygiene Bucket & Wipes

Practical, fast and effective disposable wipes easily removing dirt, providing hygiene on the surfaces it is used.

Alcohol based durable hygienic wipes developed for cleaning with special sensitivity.

Hygienic Wipes
Areas of Use

Clark Hygienic Wipes are used for providing hygiene on all surfaces and surfaces contacted by food products. It prevents malodorous. It is a odourless and colourless cleaner. It can be used safely on all surfaces like wood, plastic, granite, metal etc. Due to its volatile alcoholic content, it dries fast and doesn’t leave behind water or lint marks...

Hygienic wipes for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Bistros and Houses Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Bistros and Houses
Hygienic wipes for Hospitals, Health Centers Hospitals, Health Centers
Hygienic wipes for Kitchens and Dining Halls Kitchens and Dining Halls
Hygienic wipes for Nursery and Kindergarten Nursery and Kindergarten
Hygienic wipes for Gyms, SPAs Gyms, SPAs

Clark Hygiene Bucket & Wipes
Continuous and fast hygiene solution in common areas.

Hygiene wipes usage

Specially Formulated, Alcohol Based
Cleanıng And Hygiene Wipes

  • Provides hygiene on the surfaces used with its specially developed formula.
  • Can be used on all kinds of wipeable surfaces. Provides spotless dryness.
  • Prevents evaporation of organic compounds with its specially designed lid.
  • Eliminates the need for soap and water in the areas where it is used.
  • Does not require rinsing as it dries quickly and leaves no residue.
  • These all-purpose disposable wipes prevent bacteria from moving from one surface to another.
  • Complies with EN 14476 standards.

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